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Rays Sweep Jays

After an ugly road series that involved losses to the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles, the Rays are heading back to Tampa with a sweep over the Toronto Blue Jays. In the 1st inning, Matt Joyce reached first on a bunt single and error by pitcher Henderson Alvarez; a relief to know that a no-hitter would not be an issue tonight. In the bottom of the 2nd, the Rays’ defense committed its first error of the game when Brett Lawre stole second. The ball thrown by Jose Molina did not reach Elliot Johnson in time, resulting in the ball landing in the centerfield and Lawre reaching third base. The error was charged to Molina. Luckily, David Price was able to get the next two batters out. In the 3rd inning, Ben Zobrist doubled and tried to score on BJ Upton’s single, but was thrown out at home by Rajai Davis. It was a beautiful throw.
In the bottom of the 2nd, Davis reached on an infield single, but managed to make his way to second due to a throwing error by Elliot Johnson. The Rays’ defense was starting to look like it had been this previous road trip: crappy. Davis then stole third and scored on Jose Bautista’s single. The next batter, Edwin Encarnacion, then hit a 2-run homer, making the score 3-0 in favor of the Jays.
In the bottom of the third, Davis hit an infield single that Elliot Johnson. Davis then stole third and Jose Bautista drives him. Edwin Encarnacion then hits a homerun; Jays now winning 3-0. The Rays scored a run in the 5th inning when Will Rhymes singled and then scored when Zobrist doubled. In the 7th inning, Sean Rodriquez hit a leadoff homerun to make it 2-3. Rhymes reached first on a single, as did Molina when Yunel Escobar committed an error. Elliot Johnson singled, allowing Rhymes to score when Davis committed an error. Johnson is currently on a 7-game hitting streak. Pitcher Alvarez (who just turned 22) threw a wild pitch, allowing the base runners to move to the next base. Zobrist once again reached base, loading the bases. BJ Upton hit into a double play, thus only Molina scored. Rays now led 4-3.
In the bottom of the ninth, with one out, Lawre was up to bat. After several balls thrown by Fernando Rodney, Lawre attempted to walk to first but was called back due to strike two. A few seconds later, Lawre tried walking again, but was called out on strike three. (In his defense, he should of walked, those looked like balls to me and they were out of the strike zone on Fox Tracks). Lawre was upset and threw his helmet down on the ground; the helmet bounced and hit the homeplate umpire – Lawre will be fined for that. Lawre and Jays’ manager John Farrell were later ejected after arguing with the umpires. Rays won the game 4-3.

What I Liked:

  1. David Price: Price only had one bad inning (which included pitching around an error), but he kept his cool after giving up a homerun and managed to pitch seven innings.
  2. Bullpen: Peralta hasn’t been too sharp lately, but today he managed to retire all three batters in the 8th inning. He did a great job getting the middle of the lineup out. Fernando Rodney once again retired all three batters (with some help from the ump). He now has 11 saves on the season.
  3. Rays Batters: Rays took advantage of the Jays’ four errors and scored four runs. Always a good sign when they score at least four runs, though the average number of runs scored in the AL East is five.

What I Didn’t like:

  1. There were two errors committed by the Rays, one became a run and made the inning last too long. Luckily, the Jays committed four errors, allowing the Rays to win.
  2. Red Sox played an early game today, meaning that they will get to Tampa and be able to sleep before the Rays do.

Rays Opening Day

I apologize for the short blog, my waiter at TGIF could not find the Rays channel so I missed like half the game; luckily, a Yankees customer found it for him so I could watch a few innings. In my defense, the game was only 2 hrs long.

So Rays lost 4-1 to the Orioles. Apparently the Orioles are still AMAZING under their new manager. Hopefully the Rays got their jitters out or its going to be a long season. It does not help that Blue Jays are winning 10-1 against the Twins at the moment. Hmm, maybe the Rays will have to fight to come in 3rd place. At least the Red Sox lost today. 
David Price committed one throwing error that led to a run, gave up 5 hits, and gave up four runs. I was glad to see that the bullpen (McGee, Russel, Ramos) did not allow any runs or hits over 2 innings, so that’s good news. 
Player of the Day
Ben Zobrist: Hit a homerun in the 8th inning to make sure the Rays were not shut out 
Johnson and Upton each had a hit. I think Rays fans should always be thankful that the game was not a hitless game. 
Rays’ mascot Raymond had a fake retirement today in celebration of April Fools. Though I do not know exactly how many people fell for the joke, I know at least one person did. My little sister. She was stressing all day, even after I told her it was a joke, and was only able to breathe when it was announced at the game that it was a joke. 
Rays battle the Orioles again, with Shields pitching. Hopefully Shields wants to show off to Price and throws a perfect game, or at least does not allow any homeruns *knock on wood* 
Rick Scott threw out the first pitch to a chorus of “boo!” – forcing him to run off the field before the ball even crossed home plate. I’ll blame him for the Rays losing. 
Blue Jays are now winning only 10-3, bottom of the 8th. Rays are going to start hitting again or its going to be a very llllooooooooonnnnngggggggg year

The Real Reasons why Rays Attendance is Low

 Last September, two Tampa Bay Rays players Evan Longoria and David Price expressed their disappointment about the  small crowd that turned out for the Monday night game in which the Rays clinched a playoff berth. Though it happened last year, this story is far from growing old. If one has ever turned on ESPN, he would already know that the Rays have one of the lowest attendance rates in baseball. Baseball Reference states that in 2009 the average attendance was23,148 and in 2010, the average attendance was 23,025. It is no secret that Major League Baseball (MLB) has expressed concern and now hopes that this will lead to the Rays building a new stadium to attract fans. But, contrary to popular belief, a new stadium will not solve attendance problems over night. ESPN, MLB, National Sports Analysts, and baseball fans may believe that Tampa will never be a baseball city; but do any of them actually live in Tampa? I do. Here are the real reasons why the Rays’ attendance is low.