RaysTweet Up

On May 8, 2013, I joined fellow Tampa Bay Rays fans at Tropicana Field to participate in “Tweet-Up at the Trop.” I joined Twitter in 2011 to follow the Rays and to promote my blogs.  Since I am in college, away from my family (also huge Rays fans) it was nice to talk with other  fans about the game online since my roommates aren’t really into sports. During one of the games, I saw an advertisement for “Tweet-Up at the Trop.” The event allowed fans to purchase a $25 ticket, which includes:

Tweet Up

  • In-game recognition 
  • Discounted seat in the Lower Level
  • Tweet-Up T-shirt with a custom Twitter user name
  • Trivia and Prizes (autographs, jerseys, etc)
  • Pre-Game Q&A session with Dave Wills (Rays Radio Announcer)
  • Early entry to see the Rays’ batting practice


I entered through Gate 4 – the gate that only media and homeplate club members can go through. I picked up my shirt and was deeply impressed with it. I heard the last Twitter event had white shirts; the blue ones are much better.

Once I reached the section, Raymond was there to meet the fans and to take pictures with. At 5, in-game host Rusty Kath and radio announcer Dave Wills arrived to answer question. Wills discussed how he uses Twitter to up-to-date with other sports teams and how great it is to let fans become involved in the sport – the Rays use Twitter to let fans ask the broadcasters questions about the team.

Dave Wills answering questions

Dave Wills answering questions


After the question-answer session, I met up with some of my Twitter friends. Thanks to the shirts, I was able to recognize their Twitter names. Once the game began, all the special events took place in section 128 – The first pitch was thrown by the winner of a Twitter question. The Rays also had several trivia questions on Twitter throughout the night – one of the prizes was an autographed picture of Desmond Jennings and another prize was a Roberto Hernandez jersey.

The game ended up being perfect for a Twitter night, expect for the part when the Rays lose. But besides that, us Twitter users spent our time on our phones tweeting. In the beginning of the game, Sean Rodriquez was called out at home, even though replays show that Rodriquez slid across home plate. Coach Joe Maddon argued the call and was ejected after pointing out how there was evidence on the plate that Rodriquez slid across. The next event was when Blue Jays pitcher  J.A. Happ was hit in the eat with a ball. Images showed blood coming out of his ear. (Happ is now on the DL after being treated at Bayfront Hospital). Within minutes, Happ began trending on Twitter since all the fans were praying and thinking about him. After the bullpen gave up the lead (again) fans took to Twitter to vent.


Happ being checked on by fellow teammates


Though the Rays lost, I had a great time at the game meeting other Twitter fans. The seats were great and it was great meeting Rusty and Dave in person – everyone there was friendly. My only recommendation would be having a player answer a few questions. I’m looking forward to next year’s event.



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