Chris Davis leads Orioles past Rays

Roberto Hernandez’s first start with the Tampa Bay Rays was overshadowed by Chris Davis’ unbelievable start this season. After driving in seven runs in the first two games of the season, one would expect the Rays to walk him each time at the plate. Today, he showed that he can hit, ball or strike.

Rays Lineup

  • Desmond Jennings CF
  • Matt Joyce LF
  • Ben Zobrist RF
  • Evan Longoria 3B
  • Shelley Duncan DH
  • Yunel Escobar SS
  • James Loney 1B
  • Jose Molina C
  • Ryan Roberts 2B
  • Roberto Hernandez P

Orioles Lineup

  • Nate McClouth LF
  • Manny Machado 3B
  • Nick Markakis RF
  • Adam Jones CF
  • Chris Davis 1B
  • Matt Wieters C
  • J. J. Hardy SS
  • Ryan Flaherty DH
  • Brian Roberts 2B
  • Miguel Gonzalez P


Game Recap:

Chris Davis

Chris Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The first inning went by smoothly for Roberto Hernandez – he struck out Nate McClouth and got the next two batters to ground out. For the Rays, Desmond Jennings led off with a walk, but he only manages to get to second base during the inning after being tagged out on his way to third base. In the 2nd inning, Adam Jones singles and then Chris Davis steps up to the plate… and hits a homerun. This makes homerun number three for Davis. In the bottom of the 2nd, Yunel Escobar walks but is caught stealing, ending any threat. In the 4th, Davis is hit by a pitch – probably intentional since Davis has been killing the Rays all series.

Rays finally get a hit in the 5th inning thanks to Evan Longoria. Yunel Escobar singles, James Loney singles, and Jose Molina singles, making it 2-2. The Orioles answer back in the 6th when Nick Markakis walks, Jones singles, and Davis doubles, making it 4-2. Rays should have just hit walked Davis again. In the 8th inning, Cesar Ramos is able to get Davis to ground out, but allows J.J. Hardy to homer with Matt Wieters on base. Orioles now lead the Rays 6-2. In the bottom of the 9th, Sean Rodriguez is hit by a pitch (probably retaliation for Davis being hit, through Rodriguez does get hit the most on the Rays team). Zobrist singles and then Longoria singles – the ball is almost a homerun and is almost caught by Jones. After Rodriquez scores, Longoria is thrown out of the game for passing Zobrist while they were running the bases. Coach Joe Maddon wants the umpires to huddle together to confirm the call, but they refuse. Replays show that the umpires got the call wrong, Longoria never passed Zobrist. The replay also showed that the umpire never witnessed it, meaning that once again, umpires interfere in the game. Though the Rays were down 3 runs, the umpires killed the momentum of the game.  Longoria and Zobrist both admit they should of ran the bases better, but baseball’s replay refusal continues to anger fans. Rays lose the game 6-3.




It is only game 3 of the season – pitching isn’t perfect and neither is batting, but they aren’t bad either. Pitching will improve and hopefully so will the offense. So far, the thing that stands out as being “perfect” is the defense. Also, Chris Davis is crazy good and it’s a shame the Rays met him. As Evan Longoria said, “Without Chris Davis, we’re at 3-0 without him in their lineup.” The Orioles scored 20 runs this series and he is responsible for driving in 11 of them. The last baseball player with at least 11 RBI in the first 3 games was Dolph Camilli of Philadelphia in 1935 with 12 RBI. Besides Davis, Orioles’ other threat was the starting pitcher. Miguel Gonzalez in his past four games against the Rays has only allowed 2 or fewer runs. Today, he only allowed two.  When he entered the 5th inning today, he had tossed 17 1/3 scoreless innings at the Tropicana Field. Davis will cool down but the Rays need to figure out Gonzalez.

Around the League:

  • Cleveland Scott Kazmir has a right rib cage strain, will be placed on DL. Will miss 2-3 games.
  • The only teams not to win a game so far this year are the Miami Marlins.





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