Casey Kotchman signs with Miami Marlins

Casey Kotchman

Casey Kotchman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Former Cleveland Indian first baseman has signed a minor-league contract with the Miami Marlins. The 29-year-old from St. Petersburg, Florida, has been on six different baseball teams since 2004; he spent four years with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Tampa Bay Rays fans will remember Kotchman from the year 2011 when he became the first baseman after Carlos Pena joined the Chicago Cubs, Manny Ramirez was caught doping, and Dan Johnson had trouble batting. With the Rays, Kotchman had a career fielding percentage of .998 among first basemen, the best among first basemen that year. Kotchman was also one of the most productive batters on the Rays, batting .306.

After Pena returned to the Rays in 2012, Kotchman was signed by the Cleveland Indians but did not have a successful season with the Indians (not many players do). With the Indians, he only batted .229. The Marlins already have a first baseman with Logan Morrison, so where he will possibly play or be used for is unknown.


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