Evan Longoria and Jamie Edmondson Expecting

Jamie Edmondson’s Announcement

On December 16, Evan Longoria’s girlfriend Jamie Edmondson announced her pregnancy by posting a picture on her Twitter. Now we all know that Longoria was picturing college tuition when he made the 10 year-100 million dollars deal with the Tampa Bay Rays a few weeks ago. Longoria talked about settling down in the Tampa Bay area, though I doubt anyone thought it would be next year that he would be starting a family. The baby is due in Spring 2013. The pair have been dating for about two years and together they have been very vocal about raising awareness for Pet Pal Animal Shelter, a no-kill, nonprofit shelter in St. Petersburg. Edmondson is a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and model, though she knows a few things about sports (always nice seeing a  girl that knows a thing about sports). I wish Longoria and Edmondson the best of luck with the new baby! Though will the baby grow up to be a baseball player like daddy or cheerleader like mommy?

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