10 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Female Tampa Bay Rays Fan

As a female Tampa Bay Rays fan, I am here to help other fans pick out the perfect gifts for their special ladies who also shares their love of the Tampa Bay Rays. Here are the Top 10 Stocking-Stuffers that guarantee you will not be spending the night on the couch.

10) Tampa Bay Rays Beach Towel: A must need for any Rays female devotee since she is likely a fan of the local beaches. Tampa Bay Rays Beach Towel $20

9) Tampa Bay Rays Flip Flop: The type of shoe that Floridians can wear in the summer and winter. It also goes along with the Rays beach towel. Tampa Bay Rays Flip Flop $10

8) Tampa Bay Rays Earbuds: When she needs to block out noise or listen to the Rays game on her tablet. Tampa Bay Rays Earbuds $10

7) Tampa Bay Rays Women’s Jobie Military Fitted Cap: A stylish hat that can be worn to the baseball game or on a shopping trip to the mall. Tampa Bay Rays Hat $24.99

6) Tervis Tumbler Tampa Bay Rays: When she needs a cup of coffee to get through the day at work – don’t forget the lid! Tampa Bay Rays Tervis Tumbler $19.99

5) Tampa Bay Rays Wristlet: On date night, a must for her to keep her money, phone, and credit cards in. Tampa Bay Rays Wristlet $30

4) Phone Case: To let everyone know what team she supports when she is on the phone. iPhone case $29.99

3) Earrings: Every lady wants jewelry for Christmas – instead of getting the stereotypical hearts or diamonds, get her something that only Rays fans can wear. Tampa Bay Rays Earrings $32.99

2) Jersey: A jersey of her favorite player for her to wear to the game. Tampa Bay Rays Longoria Jersey $74.99

1) Pair of Tickets: A pair of tickets to the home opener. Tampa Bay Rays Tickets Prices range.


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