Alex Cobb #53

After the recent bullpen troubles, the Tampa Bay Rays decided to call up pitcher Alex Cobb on April 14th, 2012. Cobb is a 24 year-old right-handed pitcher from Boston who was drafted in 2006 by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. In 2010, he was named Most Valuable Player in Double-A Montgomery. In 2011, Cobb made his first major league appearance on May 1st, 2011, but earned a no-decision after allowing 5 runs. He was quickly sent back down, but was recalled up a few weeks later after the Rays sent starter Andy Sonnanstine to the bullpen. He pitched on May 30th and made 4 starts, before being sent down on June 18th. He was called up again on July 18th due to starters Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis spending time on the DL and because the Rays were using a 6-starter rotation. Cobb was with the Rays until he underwent a season ending surgery in August to remove a blood clot around one of his ribs. He was given an American bulldog named Axel after his surgery. With the Rays in 2011, his record was 3-2 and his ERA was 3.42.


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