Lost in Translation: Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen, former Chicago White Sox manager, is known for his big mouth. If there was anyone who needed to wash out his mouth with soap, it’s Guillen. He throws the F-word around during interviews, bad mouths the umpires in postgame conferences, and is no stranger to fines and controversy. In fact, his mouth is one reason why the Miami Marlins hired him this past off-season. Guillen makes headlines, which guarantees the Marlins will be mentioned somewhere on Sports Center. The other reason is because he is Hispanic. Miami has a very large community of Hispanics, the majority being Cuban, and getting them interested in the Marlins equals more money. It is Guillen’s job to boost attendance by making a connection with the Hispanic community. Instead, Guillen decided to torch the relationship before it even started.

In Time Magazine’s April issue, Guillen tells the interviewer that he loves Fidel Castro. Yes, Guillen just told a national magazine that he loves Castro, the evil dictator of Cuba – the reason why there is a large Cuban community in Miami. As soon as the news broke, Cubans and Cuban Organizations called for boycotting the Marlins until they fire Guillen. That can’t be good for attendance. Now, this isn’t the first time Guillen had discussed Castro. Guillen has praised Castro before, but he was in Chicago, not Cuba-refugee headquarters in Miami. Miami is filled with Cubans who were forced to leave their home because of Castro, so one can see why they may not appreciate their new baseball coach showing Castro some love. I don’t know how Guillen managed to say the most idiotic thing ever in Miami when baseball season had only just begun.

Guillen tried to do damage control by explaining how he does not love Castro, but he is just impressed with how Castro is still alive. I myself have been impressed with how Castro is still alive (Seriously, is the Fountain of Youth in Cuba?). He did survive decades of assassination attempts, one that included a poisonous cigar, but why Guillen was talking about Castro is beyond me. Of the billions of people in the world, how did he manage to pick the one name that would cause Miami to erupt into riots? Not many people can pick the dumbest thing to say ever; it’s like a talent; a very stupid, useless talent.

The Marlins Organization quickly saw the damage Guillen made and suspended him for five games for his comments in hopes of calming the Cuban organization down.  Guillen even tried to do more damage control by flying down to Miami to personally apologize to everyone he offended.  On Tuesday morning, Guillen, in Spanish, apologized at a press conference in Miami. After admitting that he actually hates Castro, Guillen then pulled the blame-game. He blamed the translation of Spanish into English as the culprit. Ozzie, you crazy fool, there is no way that someone could think “I hate Castro” in Spanish but accidently say “I love Castro” in English. O Ozzie, so close to saying a sincere apology but somehow he managed to screw that up too. Now the Marlins are surrounded by angry Cubans and a coach who needs to put tape over his mouth. Guillen can’t afford to make headlines again for his mouth or else he could be leaving Miami for good.


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