Jeremy Hellickson #58

Jeremy Hellickson is a twenty-five year-old right-handed starting pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa then drafted in 2005 by the Rays. In 2009, he was named Minor League Pitcher of the Year for the Rays organization for having an ERA of 2.45. He was ranked by Baseball America as the top pitching prospect in the Rays’ organization. In 2010, Hellickson made his Major League Debut on August 2nd against the Minnesota Twins. Hellickson started the 2011 season as the Rays’ fifth starter. After having an impressive year, Hellickson was voted A.L. Rookie of the year. (just the second pitcher to receive this award in the past thirty years).

Hellickson is now pitching as the Rays’ third starter. He pitched Game 3 of the 2012 year against the New Yankees; he was one out from throwing a complete game but was taken out due to his high pitch count. In the game, he only allowed three hits and zero runs scored. Hellickson is another quiet pitcher who barely shows emotion, though witnesses report he did happily slam his hand into his glove after Desmond Jennings made a spectacular catch, thus helping Hellickson out of a jam.


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