How the Rays Offense almost gave up the A.L. East Number One Spot

I am starting to wish that the Rays baseball game was postponed due to rain so the Rays would in first place alone. Anyways, the Rays’ offense was just horrible AGAIN!!! Detroit’s record is was 23-23, so they are only a decent team, yet the Rays found a way to lose to them 6-3.

How can Maddon not play Joyce???

So I saw the line-up and noticed that A.L. leading batter Matt Joyce was not in the line-up due to a lefty pitching. Joyce is hitting .385 against right-handed pitchers, but only .158 against left-handed pitchers. Meanwhile, Felipe Lopez is hitting .240 against left-handed pitchers. When Lopez was subbing for Longoria, he did not bat well or play defense well. I understand that Joyce isn’t super amazing against left-handed pitchers, but that is because Maddon gets the Rays players all freaked out against lefties. Instead of keeping the same players in, like most teams, he rearranges the line-up and moves players around. It is common knowledge that the Rays can’t bat against lefties; in my opinion it is because they are told they can’t. Rays coaches need to stop making a big deal about going against a lefty and let players build up their averages against lefties.

In the 4th inning, the Rays had bases loaded, 1 out but could not bring them in- thanks to Shoppach and Lopez striking out. Who knows what could have happened if the Rays blew that came out of proportion.

In the 6th inning, Detroit was batting with 2 outs and one on second. Cabrera singled to right and Joyce made this amazing throw to home plate, but for some reason Shoppach was several feet in front of the plate. By the time he made it back to home, Boesch already scored. Seriously, Shoppach is the only catcher in MLB that does not try to block the runner. If Shoppach just stood on the line between third and home, the runner would have been forced to make a turn and Shoppach could have tagged him. Even if Shoppach didn’t get an out, at least he would have looked like he was doing his job.

So the Rays kept the game 2-1 (Detroit had 2) until the bottom of the 8th. J.P. Howell gave up a walk and a hit, but struck one out. Of course as soon as the pitcher gets an out, Maddon calls him back in. Howell was replaced by Cruz, who ended up throwing a wild pitch, walking Cabrera, and allowing Martinez to double, scoring 2 runs. Then Dirks was intentionally walked, so of course Peralta singles, scoring 2 runs.  Cruz was replaced by Ramos to get the final out.

Pitcher Helickson: though he has good stuff, he uses a large number of pitches to get batters out.

Bullpen: failed to keep the game close today

B.J Upton: scored the only run in the game due to a sac-fly by Longo. Though he struck out, as usual, he made an amazing double play in the 5th inning. He managed to walk in the ninth.

Damon: Had 2 hits today against his former team. Had a lead-off double at one point, but Rays failed to bring him in.

Longoria: hit a sac-fly to drive in a run, but he still isn’t coming up with important bats. He’s batting .221 now.

Zobrist: had 1 hit, but didn’t do too much today.

Rodriquez: walked in the 4th.

Lopez: Don’t know why he played today. He’s only hitting .213. He played first base, though we do have Kitchman who is batting .3498.

*Kotchman: only had 1-at-bat, don’t know why he wasn’t playing.

Shoppach: struck out in the 4th when it mattered most. Only got on when he was hit by a pitch. He’s only batting .222 against lefties and .118 against righties.

*Jaso: walked and scored a run in the ninth. He’s batting .375 against lefties and .195 against righties. I don’t know why he wasn’t starting today since his stats are better than Shoppach’s.

E. Johnson:

*Joyce: Singled and scored a run in the ninth.

Fuld: singled to right and scored two runs in the ninth.

*players that pinch-hitted

Also, Brignac’s grandfather died so keep him and his family in your prayers.

A.L. East 

Boston Red Sox was leading Cleveland Indians, 2-1, but allowed 2 runs in the bottom of the 8th. In the top of the 9th, Red Sox had Drew on third and Lowrie on first with one out, but former Ray, Crawford, hit into a double play. Crawford is still making big plays for the Rays.



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