Rays Opening Day

I apologize for the short blog, my waiter at TGIF could not find the Rays channel so I missed like half the game; luckily, a Yankees customer found it for him so I could watch a few innings. In my defense, the game was only 2 hrs long.

So Rays lost 4-1 to the Orioles. Apparently the Orioles are still AMAZING under their new manager. Hopefully the Rays got their jitters out or its going to be a long season. It does not help that Blue Jays are winning 10-1 against the Twins at the moment. Hmm, maybe the Rays will have to fight to come in 3rd place. At least the Red Sox lost today. 
David Price committed one throwing error that led to a run, gave up 5 hits, and gave up four runs. I was glad to see that the bullpen (McGee, Russel, Ramos) did not allow any runs or hits over 2 innings, so that’s good news. 
Player of the Day
Ben Zobrist: Hit a homerun in the 8th inning to make sure the Rays were not shut out 
Johnson and Upton each had a hit. I think Rays fans should always be thankful that the game was not a hitless game. 
Rays’ mascot Raymond had a fake retirement today in celebration of April Fools. Though I do not know exactly how many people fell for the joke, I know at least one person did. My little sister. She was stressing all day, even after I told her it was a joke, and was only able to breathe when it was announced at the game that it was a joke. 
Rays battle the Orioles again, with Shields pitching. Hopefully Shields wants to show off to Price and throws a perfect game, or at least does not allow any homeruns *knock on wood* 
Rick Scott threw out the first pitch to a chorus of “boo!” – forcing him to run off the field before the ball even crossed home plate. I’ll blame him for the Rays losing. 
Blue Jays are now winning only 10-3, bottom of the 8th. Rays are going to start hitting again or its going to be a very llllooooooooonnnnngggggggg year

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