Money >>> Baseball

Money is the biggest issue in the world; thus, it is
no surprised that even Major League Baseball is concern with money at the
moment. Nearly every human being has a goal of obtaining enough money so that
he and his family will forever live a comfortable life. Baseball and baseball
players are also on that mission which is why this year in baseball, the biggest
issue will be money.

Several baseball owners, including the New York
Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, have already expressed anger at the current
revenue-sharing system since they are the top two teams who had to contribute
($130 million and $87 million respectively). In fact, rumors have surfaced that
the Oakland Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays are facing contraction in order for
the other baseball teams to make a larger profit; or maybe the Yankees and Red
Sox are tired of the threat the Rays pose to bring each year. Though the MLB
players union has already said no teams are going to disappear, this will
continue to be a topic throughout the year since the collective bargaining
agreement ends on December of this year.

Last offseason showed that baseball is heading into
a more expensive direction since several players signed multi-year, expensive
contracts. Pandora’s Box has been opened. Carl Crawford signed a 7-year, $142
million contract with the Red Sox while Cliff Lee signed a 5 year, $120 million
contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. More players will also want an
expensive, multiyear contract. At the moment Albert Pujols is asking for a $30
million a year for 10 years. The Cardinals at the moment have expressed zero
interest in paying that much money so next year Pujols may be playing for a
different team that will fork over that money.

My mother told me that when she was growing up, the
same players remained on the same team for years and every team had a fair shot
at the World Series. Now I live in a time where players’ team loyalty is dimmed
by the color green. There are teams that spend the year scouting out the best
players in each position and hands them a blank check during offseason while
small market teams send their scouts to the schools, colleges, and minors to
discover talent. Last year the umpires seemed to be favoring the big market
teams over the small market teams, leading to conspiracies that MLB favors teams
that bring in money. Soon the World Series Championship will rotate between the
big markets. The San Francisco Giants 
showed that time is not now, but the
lowest rating in history is something the MLB does not want. 

Sources: Business


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