The Real Reasons why Rays Attendance is Low

 Last September, two Tampa Bay Rays players Evan Longoria and David Price expressed their disappointment about the  small crowd that turned out for the Monday night game in which the Rays clinched a playoff berth. Though it happened last year, this story is far from growing old. If one has ever turned on ESPN, he would already know that the Rays have one of the lowest attendance rates in baseball. Baseball Reference states that in 2009 the average attendance was23,148 and in 2010, the average attendance was 23,025. It is no secret that Major League Baseball (MLB) has expressed concern and now hopes that this will lead to the Rays building a new stadium to attract fans. But, contrary to popular belief, a new stadium will not solve attendance problems over night. ESPN, MLB, National Sports Analysts, and baseball fans may believe that Tampa will never be a baseball city; but do any of them actually live in Tampa? I do. Here are the real reasons why the Rays’ attendance is low.


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