Rays end 8 game losing streak

My bad, Rays did tie with the Yankees, but besides that its been a pretty pitiful start for the Rays. (Though it is still early and injuries have hurt us). The only team the Rays have beaten this year have been the Pirates so far.  In 2010, Rays had a total of 8 losing games. 

Todays lineup is something similar to what I think Maddon will be doing throughout the year (but replace the bottom names with Brignac, Rodriguez, and Zobrist accordingly). 
Jaso (C)
Damon (LF)
Longo (3B)
Ramirez (DH)
Joyce (RF)
Upton (CF)
Johnson (1B)
Inglett (2B)
Bekcham (SS)
Price (P)
Players of the Day:
B.J. Upton: 
  • Doubled-led to RBI
  • Walked
  • Stole 3rd (got caught stealing 3rd the 1st time around)
  • Scored a Run 
  • Price: 4 IP 4 hits, 1 hr, 2 runs, 38/59 strikes
  • Elkstrom: 2 IP, 1 hit
  • Delaney: 1 IP, 1 hit 
  • Cobb: 1 IP
  • Bush: 1 IP
Jose Lobaton:
  • Replaced Jaso in 7th 
  • Caught 2 players stealing (Should Mentor Jaso) 
  • Singled 
Scoring Plays: 
  • 2nd: B.J. Doubles, Joyce scores 
  • 5th: Tim Beckham singles, Upton Scores
  • 8th: Desmond Jennigs hits sac fly
  • 8th: Justin Ruggiano walks, Casey Kotchman scores 

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