Andy Sonnanstine: Should we be worried?

Andy Sonnanstine is known around the dugout as the
artist who drew a moustache on Price’s bobblehead image at the Trop, for being
a big supporter of firemen, and for being the only Rays pitcher able to swing a
bat; which is why I am not calling for his head.

Sonnanstine began his professional baseball career
as a Rays starting pitcher and had his best year in 2008 (13-9), but after a shaky
2009, found himself in the bullpen. It is now Spring 2011 and Sonnanstine is
still in the bullpen, but this year his role has increased dramatically since
he is the only recognizable name in the bullpen. His past experience as a Ray
means that if one of the five starters is injured, he probably will be
brought up to sub for them during the regular season. This may be the reason
why fans are paying A LOT of attention
to him.

So far this Spring training Sonnanstine has started
2 games (total of 4 innings)- which led to an ERA of 20.25, 10 hits, 10 runs,
and 5 hrs
(the hrs took place between a total of 11 Orioles batters). These
scary numbers have Rays fans worried and wanting him gone.

Uh, not so fast. First of all it’s the first week of
spring training and none of the Rays starters look amazing (Niemann blew a “B”
game the other night). The pitchers have said they are all working on
mechanics. Besides, it was one year ago that everyone wanted Choate gone (ERA
was 27ish
) and Choate had his best year last year. Also, Sonnanstine might not
fetch anything via trade, so it is better to keep him.

Hopefully several weeks from now I won’t be blogging 

Andy Sonnanstine: Yes, we should be worried!” 


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