Rays Promotions 2011

Rays released their Promotion Schedule last week, So i whipped out my planner to schedule the games that I plan on going to in order to get the toy or shirt. (T-shirt designs haven’t been released yet) 

My Personal Picks

  • Evan Longoria Gold Glove Replica Trophy            April 2nd 
  • AL East 2010 Mini Banner                                  April 3rd 
  • Raymond Pillow Case                                        May 15 
  • DJ Kitty Puppet                                               July 3rd (So going to get that!) 
  • David Price Superhero Action Figure                   Aug 21
  • Evan Longoria Cereal Bowl & Spoon Set             Sept 4 
  • Rays Fire Helment                                            Sept 11 
So the Gold Glove is the only thing available for adults, so you are going to have to bring your kids to these games to claim these prizes or pretend to be a 14-year-old like me 
The Concert Schedule Has Not been Published yet; all I  know is that Darius Rucker is performing May 14th (never heard of him but he has a Grammy). 

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